Mix: Voiski
January 1, 2016

Listen to an exclusive new mixtape from Paris-based DJ Voiski

French DJ and Producer Voiski constructs cosmic techno that oscillates between the club and the studio, reconciling "the demands of dance floor techno with the construction of an introspective vision." In a new POSTmatter mix he puts forward an experimental vision that typifies his authentic approach to sound.

POSTmatter: Your work encompasses several disciplines outside of music, how do these various creative outcomes feed into one another?

Voiski: I do wear several hats, In my education I have never been forced to focus on a specific art or a specific discipline.It is most important to know what and why I am doing this or that thing, regarding what I truly am. I could say I take photographs just as I do a techno track or think an installation, with exactly the same feeling behind each. So I would say that none of my work really feed any others, but are all fed by the same ideas expressed in different ways.

PM: Your releases appear both on your own label and others. What made your create your own imprint and what is the reasoning behind releasing on other labels as well?

V: We did our label Silicate together with two friends back in 2008, It has always been a friendly initiative to expose our work the simplest way. After years and several meetings I got close to a lot of artists who were also running their own labels and simply offered to work together with me. It was a simple growing socialisation involving music, creation and friendship most importantly. And I still work only with my friends for almost everything.

PM: Your music combines very direct dancefloor elements and more intricate explorations originating in the studio. Are your compositions led by the live side of your music, or do they originate in the studio?

V: I don’t really have any specific moments of creation. I make music whenever I can. I actually compose most of my melodies on aeroplanes while I’m on tour; I find those suspended hours very inspiring. I usually record the tracks and put some drums on it when I’m back home, but I could say my main ideas emerge of these specific empty moments of transposition between the live setting and my studio.

PM: How do you approach creating a mix that is not played in a live environment?

I take notes of the tracks I enjoyed playing on my past shows and try to recreate the nicest part. A melancholic search of lost time, so to speak.

Listen to more from Voiski on his Soundcloud.

Voiski is part of SHAPE, an EU-funded platform for innovative music and audiovisual art.

Voiski is playing at Rokolectiv (Bucharest, April 21-23) and Les Siestes Electroniques Paris (July 17). 


Track list:

Alfredo Mazzilli - Come d’incanto
Dj stingray - Acetylcholine
Green Velvet - Thoughts
Robert Hood - Form
Paul Db+ Untitled
Gaetano Parisio Untitled
Heiko Laux - Shimmer - Steve Rachmad Remix
Entro Senestre - Hit the road
Rrose - Pentagons
Voiski - Careless as a Palm
Vakula Modulation 4
Vapauteen - One face
Ascion - Landescape
400 PPM - Everyday Extinction
Mono Junk- Another Acid
Antigone & Francois X - The Hates
Ligovskoi - Mana

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